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Award-Winning Service, For Customers Who Don't Want The Cheapest Option And Who Expect Premium Quality Without Overspending!

     Since 1975, our customers want the best quality product and installation without overspending. They expect the best service for contractors, home owners, remodelers, and do-it-yourself renovation projects. We do complete Plan to Build remodeling.  Remodeling projects require coordination and planning.


     Normally you would have to find a contractor, shop around for the cabinets and counter tops, then go to several different stores for the appliances. Now you can go to Mr. Planners where we do appliances, counter-tops, cabinets, doors, windows and more. Our step-by-step planning helps you look over your home in detail, which reduces your project costs and mistakes. With our 40 years of experience, we have seen which installation practices do and don't work. 

     Customers come to us because we take the time to install correctly, professional installation with crews who know how to trouble shoot, avoiding costly water damage, and unsightly caulk build up. Our specialists understand the best quality product we put in your house and how that will affect the rest of your home. So we can tell you if the wall you want to move is load bearing or not. Our experienced carpenters are praised for their interior and exterior work.

Step One: Call or email with details of your home's needs,


Step Two:  Set up a time in Showroom or Online to show you the variety of products and get cost comparison of other projects that MR PLANNERS has done that is comparable to yours. Get to know our team and see examples of the quality products.

Step Three:  Our experienced designer will come our to measure and create a highly detailed quote, custom for your needs.


Step Four:  Choose which options best suit your dream Home Makeover with a large screen walk thru and get a goo visual on your project to tweak options.  Once satisfied, get that project booked on the schedule!

Step Five:  Our team can coordinate the plumbers, electricians, and get the permits you need to keep your project going in an efficient time.  We coordinate with our suppliers so that once your products have all arrived, your tear out time is minimized with coordinated work of the teams.

Dont take our word for it, see how a few of the thousands of homeowners have appreciated value!

Cambria Quartz countertop, white kitchen, stainless steel built in appliances
Kitchen Remodel Custom Design
Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
Walk in Shower
Custom Entry Doors and Trim
Small Bathroom Cambria Rockwell

Zero Percent Financing
To Help Complete the Job

     Have Your Own Idea?
Save With Kitchen Express

Home Entrance

Seven Things To Know Before Getting Windows!

Kitchen Interior

Contact us to see how we can save you more!  We do complete home remodel projects, including laundry, garage, windows, doors, and siding, walk out decks, exterior kitchens, and so much more. 

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