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Seven Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Windows

How To Ensure Your Windows Won't Be Leaking Air or Water in a Few Years

 Three Major Quality Shortcuts Most Window Contractors Use… Even The Honest Ones
Relying on caulk and visible “face nails” to hold exterior wrapping in place


Wrapping is the aluminum cladding that is supposed to shield your wall and wood from water.


Relying on wide beads of caulk to hold wrapping is a cheap shortcut that will eventually tear.

Visible “Face nails” are a short-cut for good workmanship; they are unattractive and unnecessary.

When caulk tears, it traps water creating a breeding ground for wood-rot, mold, and moisture damage.

MR Planners solves these problems by bending wrapping all the way around the weather-exposed edges. We call this the MR Planners pro-wrap.


Pro-wrap gives you more protective coverage, and will lock the wrap between the window and the frame.  Pro-wrap's need for caulk is minimal and it eliminates unsightly "face nails" altogether

Cut away view of MR Planners Pro-Wrap

MR Planners solves this problem by securing your windows with shims at all stress points so they will accommodate this normal movement and keep your home tight.

Shimming and Alignment

All homes move due to expansion and contraction. This movement can cause your windows to become Crooked.
One leak-causing short-cut in window installations is to omit vital shims that will prevent mis-alignment. If your windows eventually sag they will leak.
Some competitor windows are so poorly installed they are crooked from Day One. 





4 mm

1.5 mm

Sagged from poor shimming or poor install

Failure to Insulate the space between the jamb and frame. 

Most contractors simply caulk this space, but caulk is weak and fails to hold out air in the long-run.

This shortcut allows air-leakage which defeats the insulation value and tightness of your windows. 

On the other extreme, Careless use of expanding foam can over-tighten your window and cause it to bind.


MR Planners solves these problems 

by handtucking flexible insulation to all void air pockets.

Glass Insulation Value

By buying the wrong glass, you’ll literally be tossing money out your window.

Standard insulating glass can be made super effective with a Low-E (emissivity) coating and Argon gas. This is often called "smart glass"


Some window companies add too much Low-E coating so they can meet Energy ratings.

This can destroy your winter time solar heat gain- costing you more money than you save in the summer, and choking your energy savings.


MR Planners solves this problem by leading you to the best energy factor that supports the right solar heat gain for your climate.

Keep Air Infiltration Low


Air infiltration is a measure of air leakage around a window or door caused by inside/outside air pressure differences. 


  • A product with a low air leakage rating is tighter and better at keeping extreme temperatures out.

  • Keeping your window margins tight will dramatically increase the efficiency of the openings in your home.

  • A correct installation is crucial to ensuring a tight seal.

  • Your energy value could be shattered by a clumsy installation.

 MR Planners solves this problem by achieving the right margins, ensuring tightness. We fully insulate the perimeters instead of relying on caulk.

How strong is your window?  will it pass the crash test?

  • Design pressure ratings (or DP) truly allow clients to compare a door or window’s ability to resist air infiltration, water penetration, forced entry and also provide data about a window’s overall strength;  A window with a higher design pressure rating not only protects us better from Mother Nature and intruders, however the higher the DP the more the window will cost.


Lastly, here are 2 things some window companies don’t want you to know:

Most manufactures advertise fantastic warranties as an incentive to buy their product. Unfortunately many do not honor their claims. If their salespeople say things too good to be true or use high pressure tactics, watch out, there is usually a reason.


Some dealers only want to sell and then forget to connect the client to the manufacturer's warranty system and or “go to bat” for the customer if a problem arises.


Who you buy from (i.e. dealer and manufacturer) will make a big difference on how satisfied you are when problems arise. If the dealer and manufacturer work together you’ll only have one place to go to if you have a problem. 


MR Planners solves this problem by dealing with reputable companies that honor their warranties. We are dealer for  window companies that have been in business for 50 years or more so their warranties actually mean something.  We connect our clients to the manufacturer’s warranty system and will offer any necessary carpentry services to get the warranted items installed or maintained. 


Proper installation is the key to ensuring your window achieves its full energy savings and lasts a long time.

Most window companies put more of their energy and resources in advertising and selling than in giving you a good installation. 


Instead of employing skilled craftsmen, many window contractors are tempted to hire low cost workers who only do limited product installations. These "workers" (often sub-contract installers) are usually paid   "by-the-piece", so doing it the "quick way" instead of the "best way" is the norm. Often little or no thought is given of how a particular product affects the rest of your home.


MR Planners solves this problem by Employing skilled,qualified finish carpenters. Our staff understands how your new window affects other aspects of your home.  Avoiding problems always costs you less in the long run.


We have done over 4000 medium and large jobs plus thousands of smaller jobs.  We have the experience and expertise to do your job right.

Quick vs. Quality 


How long should it take to properly install a window with exterior wrapped in cladding? 1 hour or 4? 


While it may sound appealing to have a house full of windows installed in only 1 day, it really should be asked what short cuts are being taken will affect window performance?

On The Lighter Side

Perhaps you've heard the story about the salon owner that had a discount hair cut store open next to her.  The competitor prominently advertised a low price of $3 for a haircut. Business nearly dried up.  Only her most loyal clients came in the next few weeks.  Instead of giving up,... the salon owner put a sign in her window which read…. “We fix $3 haircuts”


Here is a humorous song to go along with that ->->->

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