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DIY Kitchen Express Discount Kitchen Cabinets

One way to save money on a new kitchen remodel is by having your own design, or by 

ordering just cabinets and countertop and doing your own installation.

Precise measuring is key. 

PLAN Your Kitchen Project: With FREE Tools!



You don't have to do this alone. Call, stop in or contact MR Planners for FREE Professional advice on which level of express service is right for you.



Measure. Get our FREE measuring guide to help you achieve the correct details.





Then send your completed plan to MRPlanners via email, or fax 260-724-7575 (or better yet, call to meet in person) for FREE price quotation.  
Measuring Your Kitchen Space
White Grey Kitchen under cabinet microwave, glass doors, Upper hinged doors, hidden dishwasher w panel dishwasher

if you like, use the tools above and below to create a rendering of what you would like. 

The diagram is easy. All you need is a tape measure, a pencil, ruler and a piece of grid paper. Just be sure to write all your measurements down. You might format the rough drawing of your kitchen space to look like this:

Start With The Sink

Measure from the center of your sink to the nearest corner.  Measure the wall to the back of the sink first. Start in the corner. Measure in inches to the edge of the window trim.

Easy to use: FREE Kitchen Design Software

D.I.Y.  online Design (no down load, no credit card required) 

There is a myth that you have to put up with Bad Service to get a Low cost on cabinets.

MR Planners Busts that myth by being:

1.Factory outlet store for most of our cabinet lines. CNC build saves you cost while increasing the strength and integrity of your kitchen.

2.Low overhead business w/ building that is paid for to keep competitive with the box stores.

3.Few things cost more than a big bad mistake.  We reduce your risk by helping you choose the level of work you can do.  

4.We help You obtain the tools you need to design-it-yourself so you can purchase at the best possible Factory Outlet Discount.

5.We help reduce your risk by providing multi point inspections throughout the process.


Windows and Doors

Mark in width from the outside edge of the trim to outside trim. Record the dimensional data.


Working around the edge of the room, record all measurements thoroughly. Note all openings and interruptions like doors, offset walls, electrical outlets and panels, closets, etc. Examples are shown.


Use the form below to specify what countertops you will need. Measure for the outside edge closest to the wall.

P140165_2z Whirlpool WRF535SMBM.jpeg
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