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Which Kitchen Plans Work? And Which Plans Actually Make Your Kitchen Inefficient, Cost You Time & Money, And Destroy The Value You Have Built Into Your Home

Kitchen Plan 3D Model Top View


Good Placement

Plenty Of Counterspace At All Work Areas

Cook Surface Away From Sink, Space On Both Sides

Dishwasher In Clean-Up Zone Next to Lazy Susan


Plenty Of Walkway

Four Feet Of Space Between Bar And Refrigerator

​Plenty Of Seating For Six To Eight Dinner Guests

Included: Two Ovens Trims & Touch Ups, Lazy Susan, Knobs/ Pulls, Second Trash Bucket, Plus Extras

Kitchen Plan 3D Model
Kitchen Plan 3D Model

Which Would You Choose?

Kitchen Design Problem

Bad Placement

Not Enough Counter At Cleanup Area

220V  Cook Surface Too Close To Prep Sink

Cook Surface Cut Into Weakened Countertop

Dishwasher Is Outside The Clean-Up Zone


Three Island Faces Spaced Too Tightly

30” Is Too Tight Between Bar & Refrigerator

Sharp Corners At Bar

Not Enough Seating For Six to Eight People

Did Not Include Two Ovens, As Requested

Four Unnecessary 3" Fillers Waste 12"

Also Missing Trims, Touch-Ups, Lazy Susan, Knobs/Pulls, And A Second Trash Bucket


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