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Five Important
Kitchen Design
Trends 2023

Classic Style Design

Invest in a design you won’t grow tired of in give years!
Consumers are choosing stained cabinets with white or black contrast on the island or the main run or cabinetry. White cabinetry is still in high demand and gray is still popular but less dominating. 
Consumers are featuring the stove with hidden range hoods and Well-lit Cabinetry: offering highlight on details. Customers want to Integrate kitchen-living spaces but not so open to minimize noise running through the home.

Smart Efficiency Spaces

The beauty of remodeling a kitchen is to incorporate the most efficient design to eliminate wasted space and build in convenient tilt down trays, soft close drawers, built-in usb ports and laptop nooks, tray dividers, coffee nooks, large drawers for pots and pans and pull out pantry shelves. Stream-lined kitchens continue to be popular in higher markets as well as in the country, with painted cabinets, natural wood, casual family friendly styles that make everyone comfortable.  Even in older homes, walls are being transformed to create greater ease in conversation and family bistro-style flex spaces that are comfortable for work, eating or entertaining.

Simple ways to improve the sink area, the star of the kitchen, is to trade out for updated water efficient faucets and new countertops. Update knobs: New trends in golden tones such as Gold Satin and Brushed Bronze have arrived while the 
Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze continue to be popular. 
Introduce Wow Factor


Combining bold accents with neutral finishes of cabinetry, countertops and flooring is a simple way to create a unique look. White painted combined with wood cabinetry and accents creates some interest and relief from the all white kitchen.  Gray tones in stains and paint are being combined with natural wood as well. Natural textures, and the appreciation of nature come out in wood choices, and today’s market provides exciting quartz tops with minimal design.

Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel appliances surge as well as built-in appliances hidden with wood fronts.

Satin Black and gold or bronze accents continue to dominate while wild wall paint is out.  The market tends towards natural earth-toned colors. Shaker style cabinet doors and flat panel doors are dominating.

Matching window trim and interior doors improves eye appeal.

The Way We Cook And Eat

Today’s higher interest in healthier cooking or specialty cooking with guests requires a kitchen that looks beautiful and yet offers ease of cleaning. Minimal design with open shelving is popular and gives relief from the all wood wall cabinet runs. The waterfall countertop on the island gives visual pop. Many customers still opt for the most seating available to the island while keeping the kitchen work area minimized of traffic.
Budget vs Customizability

Our Planning Specialist provide balance in the number and shape of cabinet doors, and empty space. Our planner can help you evaluate if its better to keep the cabinets and do a reface to save money in your kitchen budget or if you want more Innovation to make the most efficient use of your space in the corners, pantry, trash, recycling, yet putting those into a beautiful design.  Organizing options include storage systems, roll out shelving, cutlery, or bulk food storage, menu organizers, specialty appliance storage, and coffee stations.

Ample lighting is provided with under counter lighting and built in LED lights. 

LED lighting is much more efficient, for example using 9 w bulb provides as much light as a 100 w bulb!!  Multiply that times the number of bulbs you have in your kitchen or home, and you have a lot of savings by updating your fixtures.  Ask about efficient appliances as well. The green market pushes for more efficient appliances and companies that keep the Earth in mind.

Smart Technology increases efficiency and kitchen investments almost always pays off. We encourage LED lighting to save on energy. We have energy star rated appliances, Energy star rated windows and doors that are made to hold the winter heat in and the summer hot air out can save a lot of waste in heating and cooling.

We also have smart connected appliances to your phone so you can double check to see if your dishes are getting clean and your meal is being prepared, or your oven is shut off after you have left.

Even check your refrigerator for your grocery list! 

You can find more design and trend ideas on our supplier websites

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