Kitchen or Bathroom Design Guide

How to make the decision process simpler, with confidence:

Too many choices in a big project can overwhelm most of us by just thinking about it. How can I make my decisions with confidence and stick to them? Most of us know what looks good when we see it, but have trouble visualizing how the end result will look.























Step by step process on Kitchen design or bathroom remodel

  1.  Think about your house as if you are someone who has never seen it.

Ask yourself, “What style do I want?”       “How do I want my home to feel?”  Read articles on how colors affect moods.


2.  Coordinating with the adjacent room wood trims major floors and walls

are a key to helping the house flow from one room to the next.  Try to get samples or photographs to bring into the showrooms when picking colors.


3. Work from General to Specific. Think Big Idea.

Start with the large items in your home that are least likely to be changed.  For a kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation this is the  cabinetry and large fixtures.

For versatility, many people choose a neutral like beige, brown, grey, black, or white for their predominant color. Then they use a contrasting or blending  tone for the countertops and bright colors for the more easily changed/ temporary items like paint, rugs, décor, etc.  

4. Our Cabinet Design Team 

can help you with floor layouts and wall restructure possibilities.
Our designers look at the the whole house structure to make sure the load bearing walls have proper support.

Sometimes change is hard to visualize, But please give yourself permission to dream. It’s my opinion that anyone has the capacity to be creative.  Artists see how limitations can bring out the most unique and interesting possibilities. There is beauty to be found in all homes.  Our kitchen and bath design team can help you "walk" into your remodeled home.

5. Think about the effects of lighting.

If you have lots light flooding your area, dark colors and light colors both work well. For smaller, less lighted areas, lighter colors reflect and make your room seem more open and comfortable.  Talk to your designer about adding windows or doors if you have a nice view.

6. Pick your flooring. Pick a color that is

(1) between, or

(2) with the same lightness/darkness as your cabinets/counter top.

 Try to bring your flooring samples into the showroom to verify how it looks with the cabinetry.

7. Pick your paint color

Now you’re tying everything together.  If you need help our Interior color coordinator can help you with paint selection from a full ream of Sherwin William Color Selections.

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