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Window Installation And Replacement





It's Hard To Tell The Difference By Just Looking, Isn't It?
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7 Things You 

Need to Know

Before You

Buy Windows

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Super Strong Corner Weld

How Tough Are Your Windows?

Let us demonstrate why our windows and doors can last the longest, endure the most weather, keep your heat in the winter, cool in the summer, and endure the stress of your home's movement.  Our glass & windows are built tough to withstand the Indiana winters!

Let's Make A Plan To Save You Money On Your Energy Bills!

Need Help With Colors? Talk To A MR Planners 
Window, Door Expert

Call Now For A 

Easy And Affordable!
Award-Winning Service (As Featured On Houzz) 



Window Options:

  • Vinyl

  • Double Hung

  • Casement

Built Tough For Indiana Weather With the Best Warranties In The Area

With MR Planers, Replacing
Your Old, Inefficient Windows Will Be Easy And Affordable!

Hours:  M-Th 9am-6pm    Fri 9am-5pm   Saturdays by Appointment

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Prevent Expensive Water Damage And Leakages

Hometown Service. We Are Your One-Stop Shop

High-Quality, Reputable Window Brands Like Pela


Reduced Hassles, Errors, Overall Project Time


Don't Let Leaky Windows Suck The Energy Out Of Your Home

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Image by Rob Wingate

We're Helping Homes And Families Thrive!

Variety Of Options.
Expert Installations. Hometown Service.

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Located In Northeast Indiana (Decatur, Bluffton, Fort Wayne And Ossian) 

Nearly 50 Yrs Of Expertise

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Dad Always Said, "If You Do It Right Then You Only Have To Do It Once."

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We Are Your One-Stop Shop. Quality Is Never Cheap, But Mistakes Cost Even More.

Award-Winning Service, For Customers Who Don't Want The Cheapest Option & Who Expect Premium Quality Without Overspending!

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Good Window, Bad Install
Historic Wood Windows
Newly Remodeled Window

Good Windows can be the gatekeepers of beauty, comfort, and energy savings for your home. On the other hand, crummy windows can squash the appeal, and dampen the equity of your property.

For over 40 years, MR Planners has been Adams and Wells counties' specialized source for Pella Windows and other brands.​ Starting with a great window is only half the equation...

MR Planners also offers expert, certified installation to ensure that your windows will be performing their best 5-10 or even 20 years from now.

 Mr Planners provides exceptional window replacements and installation including double hung windows, casement, and much more! See how our windows last longer, with key features. You can trust that the professional window installation will fix moisture problems and rotting sills.  We provide services in Decatur, Monroe, Berne, Bluffton, Ossian, and surrounding Fort Wayne and Van Wert, OH areas.

Don't Let Leaky Windows Suck Energy Out Of Your Home!

Windows and Doors installers need to know how to install right to get the Energy savings. MR Planners knows home design, and construction so that you get your window and doors installed right -the first time!  Whether you are building new construction windows, or replacement vinyl windows or wood historic windows, the install is half the value of the window!

Looking for New Windows?

Whether you are having us install, doing-it-yourself, or buying through your contractor, MR Planners can help you get the right window.  Do you know what you need? 

  • Double Hung Windows

  • Bay Windows

  • Casement Windows

  • Storm Windows

  • Awning Windows

  • Aluminum 

  • Vinyl Replacement Windows

  • Fiberglass Windows

5483 Battery Rd Van Wert OH - 180208-2-1

Window Replacement 
Made Easy and Affordable!

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