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How Can We Offer Such Great Deals?

Sometimes we get super busy and we have to push our work crews hard to get everything done.

Occasionally we have gaps in the schedule and our employees have less to do. So I told my people,


“Let’s Just Give Our Customers A Super Deal So We Can Keep An Even Schedule And Work Efficiently.”


I explained that it would be better to give a bonus on qualified jobs than to be too busy now

and then too slow later. That’s why we have worked out this current bonus. – We have partnered with

our appliance suppliers, our buying group, and our cabinet, window & counter top companies, so I can give you this bonus with a project purchased now, with Installation when it works with our schedule.

HURRY! Strictly Limited In Quantity & Time. Once We Have Met Our Quota The Special Ends. Please see details of current promotion.

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