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Seven Ways to Keep Kitchen Costs Down

Kitchens Aren't Cheap
But Mistakes Cost More.


1. How much does a kitchen cost?  Well, we have several lines of cabinetry to choose from box store basic (better quality) to fully custom, with factory direct pricing.  See our page on examples of kitchens to get an idea of cost comparisons, and how a detailed plan with a quote makes a big difference!  Is it better for you to reface cabinetry or replace?  Learn how to avoid kitchen mistakes that could add costs, and take the time to go over the plan, with which our team spends the time it needs to make your install go smoothly, also reducing costs.  

2.  See Options on Kitchen cabinet Express:  You bring your own plan and measurements, we order the cabinets. No design or installation included.

3. We offer special appliance discounts to our kitchen customers, how would you like a free appliance?  See the specials page for limited time details.

4. Our business partners offer specials, sometime getting you a free sink or other bonus!

5. MR Planner's Thorough planning

Save Costs with our thorough planning which helps to review all the options early, to avoid changes later, which can add to expensive costs, reducing hassles and mistakes . Our customers expect quality product and quality install. This provides you with kitchen cabinets and  that lasts for resale, and improves the home's value.  Our kitchen designer can help keep your kitchen to a limit that is equal to your home value and what is appropriate for your neighborhood. 

6. MR Planners does our best to schedule the job, when all the product is ready, with our coordination every step of the renovation is artfully timed with professionals schedules, to reduce your tear out time, and reduce costs of the electrician and plumbers time, and reduce your daily costs of having a renovation in your home.

7. See our financing options

In store credit card at 0% financing.

Quick application with our quick credit application.

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