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Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Will It Cost?
  • Great Question... Every project should begin with some sort of a spending plan

  • A lot depends on size, quality, and detail required.

  • For best return, we recommend a spending plan of 7% to 17% of the total value of your home for remodeling a kitchen.

  • For a new home and/or cabinets and countertops only, we recommend a 5-12% budget .

  • This is just a guideline; you may need to spend more to get what you want. You may need to spend less to fit your budget; just keep in mind the future resale value of your home.


For more detailed help on this, visit our showroom to see our portfolio of real jobs with real costs.

Will This Project Increase The Value Of My Home?
  • Many "kitchen planners" will spend less time planning your kitchen than you would spend planning a vacation. Your kitchen is the heart of your home. In order to optimize your return, good planning is needed.   See our Kitchen Planner comparison

  • A well-planned Kitchen is like a great piece of real estate; you get to enjoy it while it appreciates in value.

  • With real estate it’s location, location, location, with a kitchen it’s planning, planning, planning.

  • Good Planning keeps your kitchen from looking and functioning “run of the mill”.

  • Think of your last few major purchases… vehicle, computer, camera, vacation…how much are they worth now???  

  • A well planned kitchen can give you enjoyment, function, and an investment value that won't wither away.

Great PLANning is what we do to give you the most for your investment












Is MR Planners Affordable? (We've Heard It's Expensive)
  • I feel that every client deserves to get the most out of their kitchen, whatever their budget is...  So although we can do elaborate kitchens, many of our clients want a simpler, more economical kitchen that is still beautiful.  We carry 4 Lines of cabinetry to meet a broad range of budgets:


  1. Our Premium line compares with any of the finest cabinetry.  It is all wood and fully custom. We can do virtually any design imaginable.

  2. Our Deluxe mid-priced line is semi-custom, has wood finished ends, is very competitively priced and has the quality and features to satisfy the majority of our clients

  3. Our Builders line is great for small budgets, first time homes, flip homes, etc.

  4. Our Economy line is good if you just need the basics: cupboards on the wall, laundry room surfaces, work benches, craft rooms, etc. 

  • I have had many times where we appeared to be much higher; however, after comparing quotes we had more features,  accessories, and/or more comprehensive work figured.  This made our quote actually less than the competition.  (come in and I will show you some examples)

  • We offer a  "one stop shop" service with full project Planning.  Our own in-house professional carpenters take pride in doing a good job for you.  We want to earn your business and we guarantee our workmanship.

  • Keep in mind, if you don't need full service (I.E. maybe you only need cabinets but not appliances or remodeling) you can buy just the items you need.


We are competitive with the department store lumber yards, and we'll spend  more time PLANning for you. Because Lasting Quality costs you less in the long run.

How Can You Compete With Department Store Lumber Yards?
  • While they have millions in operating costs, we operate on low overhead; our building & inventory are debt free.

  • Instead of spending millions on advertising, we spend our efforts mainly on the finished results and your satisfaction.  

  • Our Planners and carpenters have done thousands of projects, understand construction, and know how to meet your homes needs.


Is The Estimate Free?
  • In most cases YES, All we ask is you give us a fair chance to earn your business and that all decision makers will come in to review plans and go over the quote.

  • I make my living by Ideas. I plan to make your project the best it can be.


How Do I Know I'm Ready?
  • Doing a Kitchen can be like a journey:  For some it's just a short trip.  For most, the time spent deciding, budgeting, Planning, pricing, and choosing colors may add up to a few weeks or months.  For others, it may be a future project, perhaps a year or two down the road.

  • Ask yourself this question; "If my planner can do my project within my budget, will I be willing to spend that amount today?"

  • If you answered "yes", then you should have your Planner proceed with planning and pricing your project.

  • If "no", then it is a future event you may want to wait on professional planning and pricing since everything could change, thereby making both you and me redo the entire project when you are truly ready.


Will My Builder Give Me Freedom to Choose Cabinets, Windows, Or Other Products And Services I Want, Or Am I Locked In With The Allowances That They Provide?
  • Some builders will, some won’t.  It is important to discuss this up front, before signing a contract or putting any money down.

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