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Are you in the market for a new kitchen?


Do you want to achieve the Highest Quality of Materials, Professional Planning/Design,  and Resale value without over-spending?

My name is John Eisenmann, President of Mr Planner's, Inc.        

“Area's most complete kitchen, bath, window, and appliance specialist.”

Avoid Kitchen Mistakes

According to recent consumer articles, customers who remodeled their kitchen or bought new experienced 5 major frustrations and problems.


I would like to show you these problems and then tell you about a FREE Guide that will show you how to eliminate these problems. We want you to get a great kitchen without the hassles, without hidden costs, and at the same time create the best resale return for your home.


5 Major Problems When Doing A Kitchen:


1.  Failure to Plan

Because a kitchen is one of the most expensive projects for your home, it is important to avoid mistakes. Time spent Planning is never wasted time. My FREE Guide will help you identify your goals and start you on the right road to avoid pit falls. See F.A.Q. "Value of my Home".


2.  Project Not Completed In A Timely Manner 

Being without your kitchen for longer than expected can put a big strain on you and your family. Will your Planner co-ordinate the installation schedule for the shortest amount of disruption?


3.  Faulty Workmanship

Inexperience and/or lack of pride in one's workmanship are major culprits that can result in cabinets sagging, mis-alignment, as well as bad joinery. Ultimately it costs you more to have it redone or leaves you unsatisfied with a job poorly done.


4.  Surprise Charges

Some surprises just happen (especially when remodeling), but most are due to failing to identify the amount of work needed, under-estimating, or even worse… intentional short cutting of the estimate. 


5.  Lack of Co-Ordination

Having to coordinate between cabinets, appliances, suppliers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians can be a big strain. At MR Planners you won't have to go to 10 different stores to accomplish your project.  Save time with MR Planners one-stop shopping. 


My Free Guide, below, will show you how to avoid these problems before they start!  

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