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Stainless steel appliances, Black Stainless appliances, Sunset Bronze, White, Chrome, Panel Ready Custom Colors in gray, maple, oak and more!

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High approval rates, early payoff options, and no credit needed!

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French Door Refrigerator

Save $550


Sunset Bronze


Save $200

Save $$$ Ask about our special suite discount pricing. 
We even give free appliances with certain kitchen cabinetry purchases throughout the year.  
Need payments? 
Try our Lease to Own options, or our own in house credit card for home improvement packages!
We are your local appliance store in Decatur IN.  We deliver appliances in Decatur, Monroe, Berne, Monroeville Craigville, Bluffton IN, Ossian, Geneva, and WIllshire OH and Van Wert Ohio areas. See our warranty page for service
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Hours:  M-Th 9am-6pm    Fri 9am-5pm   Saturdays by Appointment

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Serving northeast Indiana, Adams County IN:  Decatur IN, Monroe IN, Berne IN, Geneva IN,  

Allen County IN:  Ft Wayne IN, Hoagland, IN,  New Haven IN, Yoder IN, Monroeville IN,

Wells County: Bluffton IN, Ossian IN, Preble IN, Craigville IN, Hoagland IN, Vera Cruz IN, Uniondale IN, Markle IN, Zanesville IN, Warren IN,,

Also serving Huntington IN, Leo IN, Montpelier IN, Tocsin IN, Poneto IN,  Angola IN and outlaying radius of Decatur IN. 

We also serve our Ohio neighbors in Wren OH , Wilshire OH, Ohio City, Convoy OH, Rockford OH, Latty OH, Scott OH, Van Wert OH, and northwest Ohio.