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Cabinetry Cleaning and Care


Amazing Door styles Stains, Paint colors to choose from. Click on the brand to see their specialty.  See our showroom for options.


         Tips to Consider

Have a crooked house?

Every house (even a new one) has its curves. Our custom fitting will ensure your kitchen is level and straight.  
We take the time that is needed to solve the problems in the most efficient and cost effective yet proffesional way.
See what to look for when hiring your kitchen designer.

Kitchen of Joy Birch

These tips will help you maintain your kitchen, and consequently, the value of your home.

Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies and Techniques: 

Blunt Plastic scraper, for stuck on food or paint

Murphy’s oil soap: Stains, water marks, crayon, grease

Old English lemon oil: Shine up any dullness, cleans, keeps finish flexible and water resistant.



Keep your wood surfaces free from too much water or temperature changes; even the best finishes allow moisture through when enough water is present. This water can raise the grain of the wood and roughen both the surface of the wood or cause cracking or rot. Steam, cooking vapors, puddles of water, leaks in plumbing, wet cloth, food, etc. introduce moisture. Candles and other heat sources dry the wood, causing the wood to become over dried, cracked, and can be a fire hazard.

Prolonged years of direct sunlight can cause patches of discoloration and yellowing of your cabinetry. Some species of wood, like cherry, are light sensitive, so ask about this when making a purchase decision. Avoiding discoloration will preserve the look and value of your kitchen.


Repair tips:

Minor scuffs and dullness may be a result of poor cleaning, so always be sure to clean the area well before making permanent repairs to your wood products.

Small scratches and discolorations may be remedied by a combination of stain markers. If you’re unsure how to use these after reading the directions, our staff here can provide these and show you how to use them.

Small holes and divots can be filled by a specialized wax crayon colored and formulated specifically for cabinetry; these are also available in our store.

The major advantage of having dovetailed drawers is that often they can be repaired or salvaged when broken.

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