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Kitchen Planswhich Plans actually workand which Plans actually guarantee to make your kitchen inefficient, cost you a fortune, and destroy the value you’ve built into your home.

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MR Planners Plan  Critique of Plan:

Good placement:

Plenty of counter at all work areas.

Cook surface is away from prep sink, with work space on both sides

Dishwasher is in the clean-up zone next to  space saving Lazy Susan


Plenty of walkway

4 feet of space between bar and refrigerator.

​Plenty of seating for 6 to 8 persons.

Detailed quote 

Included: 2 ovens Trims & touch ups, Lazy Susan, Knobs/ Pulls, 2nd trash bucket and all features requested by client

Bultemeire W 08.jpg

Which would you choose?


Critique of Plan:

Bad placement:

Not enough counter at clean up area.

open source 220v  Cook surface is  too close to prep sink.

Cook surface is cut into the miter of the countertop which weakens the top.

Dishwasher is outside the clean-up zone.


Three faces of the island are spaced too tight to adjacent areas.

30” is too tight between bar and refrigerator.

There are sharp corners at bar.

Not enough seating - client requested seating for 6 to 8 persons.

Did not include 2 ovens as requested by client.

4 unnecessary 3" fillers wasting 12" of space.

Also Missing : Trims & touch ups, Lazy Susan, Knobs/ Pulls, 2nd trash bucket

 If they had just a little more planning


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