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How To Begin Planning Your Kitchen

Start By Measuring Your Kitchen Space

Your MR Planners consultant is an expert in kitchen design. We'll customize a new kitchen for you - building in beauty, convenience, and a wealth of storage. Just show us a diagram of your existing kitchen, and if you like use the tools above and below to create a rendering of what you would like. 

The diagram is easy. All you need is a tape measure, a pencil, and a piece of grid paper (which you can print from the file provided). Just be sure to write all your measurements down. You might format the rough drawing of your kitchen space to look like this:


Measure from the center of your sink plumbing to the nearest corner.

Door Swing

Mark which way the door swings, using a solid line to represent the door and a dotted line to represent the direction.

Start With The Sink

Measure the wall to the back of the sink first. Start in the corner. Measure in inches to the edge of the window trim.

Windows and Doors

Mark in width from the outside edge of the trim to outside trim. Record the dimensional data.


Working around the edge of the room, record all measurements thoroughly. Note all openings and interruptions like doors, offset walls, etc. Examples are shown.


Use this form to specify what countertops you will need. Measure for the outside edge closest to the wall.

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